Project: Web application for immovable property and real estate management

November 12, 2018

The web application is developed for displaying, managing and tax calculation on immovable property owned by the Hotel group "Budvanska rivijera" A.D. The application was developed in PHP programming language, supported by MySQL database for storing information about cadastral parcels and objects (coordinates, textual data ...). The Google Map Web API has been implemented in JavaScript technology to display the map and drawing the parcels. The presentation module is accessible by all users, and includes a Google map showing urban and cadastral parcels and objects. Parcels and objects can be filtered according to several criteria (number of cadastral and urban parcel, etc.) and expand the accompanying data in the table view. Parcel contains attached documentation that can be previewed or downloaded from the application.

The purposes can be defined for cadastral parcels, which are defined by the manner of use, type of real estate, the basis of acquisition, area, etc. After that, user can create objects and purposes for those objects. In addition, it is possible to place loads on buildings and cadastral plots.

Administration panel of web application supports management of all registers, which relate to cadastral municipalities, parcel categories, category of objects, land registers, locations, ways of use, basics of acquisition, plans, regional units, rooms and floors. In the "User Accounts" section are defined users in the system and their roles.

The reporting module allows users to generate reports in Excel format. From the drop-down list you need to select one of the two types of reports: the purpose of parcels and objects or a tax reporting. The first report covers all parcel details, then it’s necessary to select the location and the specific parcel for report generation. The second report presents categorized data of parcels belonging to certain location, such as: area, immovable property list and total value. It is possible to generate a report for one or all locations.