Project: Web and Mobile application “Mobile Waiter”

November 12, 2018

The menu management and remote ordering system consists of administrator Web applications and client iOS / Android applications for users (separate applications for users ordering and for waiter receiving orders).

The administrator web application is developed in the PHP programming language and allows the user to fully control the menu, input and modify articles, their images, prices and descriptions, and sort them by categories, enter and change tables, working hours, as well as view all reports on orders for the time period chosen by the user himself. These reports are presented in the form of a table of orders, so that each can be looked at in more detail, as well as in the form of summarized reports and charts of revenues over a certain period of time, the number of orders on the tables and the best-selling items.

The iOS / Android ordering app gives users an insight into the menu, which has been sorted by product categories (drinks, food, deserts ...) with clearly indicated prices, product photos and eventual descriptions (food ingredients, amount of drinks, etc.). Users can add items to the "Shopping Cart" indicating their amount, which automatically displays the total price of the order. With the order, users can also leave a comment to the waiter if they want to indicate something. Users also have the ability to call a waiter to pay for an account or some other service. To prevent abuse of this option, administrators have been given the option of setting a time interval within which it is not possible to call the waiter again once the call has already been sent.

The mobile iOS / Android application for placing orders is intended for use by the waiter. After the order was sent by the client, the audible and visual signal would give the waiter a signal that the order has arrived. The application displays all orders from that day in the form of a list, so that those orders that are not yet reviewed are clearly indicated in the first place. Also, the waiter has an insight into the type of call, i.e. whether it's an order, a call to pay an account, or a generic call for a user for another service. In case of an order, the waiter has full insight into the items, quantities and possible user comments.

All data is stored in the internal MySQL database, and the system itself is developed to operate on the internal, Wi-Fi network, with the server on which the database and Web applications are located on the local web server.