Project: Spatial database based on the data model MonPlanGML

October 3, 2016

The information system of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro supports and sets processes directly related to spatial development and facilities on the territory of Montenegro, which results from operations and the responsibility of the institution. Therefore, the information system, to a large extent has to rely on a single GIS database, which operates over different GIS client tools and application programs aligned with the needs of specific activities under the Ministry. Subsystems GIS database contains all elements of the spatial development, which includes geometric, topological and descriptive data. It is implemented to ensure the use of desktop client software to enter, update and complex analysis by graphical and descriptive part of the base-layer intranet / internet tools to use, review and analysis by graphical data, updating graphic and the formation of different reports, as well as classical applications of the database, using parts of the spatial database.       

Implementation of the data model MonPlanGML:

GIS MonPlanGML model is designed with a goal to create and display spatial data defined by Rulebook using GML standard. GML (Geography Markup Language) presents a standard wich is proposed by OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) with a goal to describe geographical data, and is based on XML syntax. GML enables exchange of spatial data from different software manufacturers, which allows different systems to work together, by defining standard format for data coding.

Implementation of GIS MonPlanGML model can be presented in Oracle Spatial Database or SQLite Database, which is implemented within application called Autodesk® Infrastructure Administrator. Settings, implementation and overview of scheme for GIS MonPlanGML model is done by this software.

  • Control of the state planning documents using Programming Procedure which are define by Guidance for usage of the Rulebook :
    • Control of background objects corresponding layers (layers)
    • Control of graphic presentation in accordance with the Rulebook
    • Control object data in accordance with the model data and control their occupancy
    • Control of the topology
  • Intranet and Internet
    • ASP.NET Web page with all published plans sorted by categories(layers)
    • Autodesk Infrastructure Map server for handling plans request
    • WMS and WFS services for all available plans
  • Capacity building
    • Training for all employees of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro which are included in spatial development processes