Project: Information system for billing and managing documents and finances of assembly of tenants

November 12, 2018

This information system is developed for company “Akvila” which is specialized in facilities maintenance and management of assembly of tenants. Core module of this information system is billing for partners and tenants, management of incomes and expenses through invoices and bank statements, as well as creation of final notices and claims for lawsuits for tenants that do not pay their bills.
Monthly calculation is done for each and every residential and non-residential unit and for each and every owner of that particular unit, unit’s quadrature and price adopted by the assembly of tenants per square meter. In order for this system to function, it is necessary to keep track of large number of documents, from assembly’s foundation, through regulations and acts, as well as of documentation for each unit belonging to that assembly and its owners. These needs are covered by UniDOCS document management system developed by Osa computer engineering and it was necessary to integrate these two systems.

Management of assembly of tenants is done through several steps: creation of building which can contain one or more tenants’ assemblies, any tenant assembly can contain one or more building entrances, while entrances contain all units with unique PD number provided by cadaster of immovable property. Each and every unit has one or more owners, and record of all bills issued and is that particular bill is paid is created for all owners. Bill issuing is automatically done at the beginning of the month for the current month, and beside regular maintenance expenses, all irregular expenses that have to be paid and are voted to be paid by the unit’s owners are calculated as extra expenses and billed (e.g. elevator repair).

All invoices and bank statements of tenants’ assemblies are recorded and managed through this system, which enables records off all paid invoices by connecting them to bank statement items, which ultimately enables financial and management reports.

This system is finalized with module for creation of final notices and claims for lawsuits for tenants that do not pay their bills regularly (min 3 months). When system detects tenants like these, it automatically creates a final notice which is send to them by the post office. After receiving final notice, tenant has 8 working days to pay their debt. If the tenant does not pay in time, creation of lawsuit claim is possible which is then sent to a court executor assigned to the particular tenant assembly.