Project: Billing system for postal services and reporting

November 12, 2018

For the company "Post of Montenegro", we designed a system for invoicing clients based on a pre-defined service price list with special management and reporting modules.
The input of the basic data, necessary for the proper operation of the application, is provided through special forms for entering information about partners and types of partners, banks, cities, cost centers and contracts.

The price list is organized in the form of a Tree structure, which allows detailed creation of categories and subcategories of services, as well as defining the basic data of the services themselves, such as price, VAT, discount, etc. Depending on the type of service, the basic information about them can be distinguished, which can be entered through separate forms.

Through specification, it is possible to create calculations and issue unique invoices to users who use postal services at multiple cost centers. They are controlled by non-cash income, cash benefits, and mass mailings.
For the purpose of easier control and issuing of monthly invoices, non-cash income is divided into the accounting periods for which they are issued. They are then connected to the cost centers, which are then added to the partners as well as the services they requested at these cost centers. The details of each service are added by entering the invoice items from the price list and quantity.

Similarly, financial benefits are defined, i.e. first, the entry of the accounting period is made, after which it is possible to add partners in this accounting period, the total payments from that partner, and the number of checks issued for that partner. For each created partner, it is possible to add special items that include the choice of the cost point where the payment is made, the number of checks and the amount paid. In this way, the control and comparison of the total data with the individual, from special postal units, is ensured.

Mass mailings option isĀ used to manage hybrid mail and are used in a similar manner to the previous two specifications: first select the billing period selection, then the cost center, the partner, and ultimately enter the items from the price list for each partner separately.

To facilitate the large amount of data input, for all types of specifications, copying data from the previously entered billing period is enabled.

The invoicing option allows issuing direct invoices to individual partners, keeping invoices before issuance, in the form of a receipt, as well as an overview of individual and joint invoices. All invoices can also be created in PDF format.

Reporting options have been done in a very detailed way, at a high level of customization.
In the universal reports, besides the time period for which we want to generate the report, you can also select individual or all cost places, single or all types of invoices, single or all partners, and individual or all services included in the price list.
In the invoice report, it is possible to review reports for individual invoices by types of invoices, partners for a specific date or time period.
The service report generates data for individual items of the price lists and/or their categories, and therefore it is possible to select the price level (as a category) or the individual service for which we want to generate the report.

All reports are generated in Excel format, which is suitable for further, more detailed analysis.