June 22, 2016


Creating documents in the business environment is impossible without control or without managing activities of production, distribution and verification. Document management is a process of working with documents in the course of their life cycle – from a draft to creation, from inspection to verification, filing and sharing, until they are destroyed or deleted. Regarldess of whether management is conducted in an organised, less organsied or unorganised manner, it still exists. Whether and how efficient this is, is another question.

Introduction of the information system in different parts of a company enables high quality and rapid creation of documents, however, this usually does not solve issues of organising business, technical and administrative documents. Often, due to the lack of organisation, modes of operation and environmental influence, the problem of document management becomes even more complicated, and the amount of papers to be distributed and archived increases.

If you want documents in your business system to be quickly and easily accessible and effectively managed while ensuring good quality work with documents, choseUniDocs, a document and business process management system.


UniDocs is an open program system for managing general purpose documents. It is suitable for installation in all organizations regardless of their size and activity.

Implementation of such a system ensures greater speed and reliability of distribution, exchange and access to documents, greater transparency of operations by monitoring existing open tasks and subjects, implementation of business rules and operating procedures as well as their execution through business processes and control of formalised documentation flows, centralisation of the archive, and availbility and strictly controlled access to documents in accordance with defined rights of work of all authenticated and authorised users, etc.

Regardless of the ease of use, UniDocs meets the most strict requirements for security of information systems by protecting documents and data from accidental mistakes or unauthorised intrusions in the system.

Costs of work with documents within the organisation are significantly reduced, processes are oprimised, premises that were used for archiving documents are free for use, time for finding a document is saved, loss of documents is disabled, and a current version of a document is always in the right place at the right time!

Documents are standardised in appearance, structure, description and method of classification and grouping.

UniDocs will provide to all system users an opportunity to have easy and fast access to complete business documents at any moment, all in accordance with defined user rights. It will ensure monitoring of document’s entire life cycle – from development of a document and related documents, to recording and registration, controlling, approval, signing, and archiving and monitoring in the existing archive.

A detailed presentation of UniDOCS programs can be found at: www.unidocs.rs