June 29, 2016


Avira is one of the most popular anti-virus packages. It has nearly two and a half decades of experience in protecting your computer from malicious software and all other types of malicious objects that can attack your computer. It is very compact, and does not waste your computer resources. Does exactly what it is intended and does it extremely well.


avira-antivirus-proAvira Antivirus Suite

Former Avira Antivirus Suite
Avira Antivirus Pro offers advanced protection technologies (e.g. cloud-based A.I.) that proactively secure you against malware attacks designed to steal your identity, wallet and personal data. This multi-platform license runs on both Windows and Mac OS.


internet-security-suite-box-90x100Avira Internet Security Suite

This is where security meets speed. Equipped with the award-winning protection Avira is famous for, this versatile suite packs easy-to-use tune-up tools to accelerate your PC and prevents hard disk failures.


total-security-suiteAvira Total Security Suite

Avira Total Security Suite is our most comprehensive package on offer, combining privacy, protection, and performance – all wrapped in one.



phantom-vpnAvira Phantom VPN

Browse the web anonymously with Avira Phantom VPN. Encrypts your connection via a VPN proxy server, hides your IP address and bypasses geo-restrictions. Available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.



system-speed-upAvira System Speedup

In just one minute, you can cut loose all the accumulated runaway processes, bad registry entries and files lost in limbo that are bogging down your computer. Unleash the potential of your PC; optimize the use of your programs and files to recover your PC’s lost speed.